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Many times companies involved in manpower management face operational problems related to ease and safety. It requires a lot of workforce and cost tackle such problems and maintain quality, which can be easily done through technology integration. These problems might vary form company to company. One cannot say that if some company faces one problem other company would not face the same.

DEWI has worked upon such problems to create common solutions for the industries. It enables better management of workforce for the companies which provide manpower or any kind of services to the industries. If you provide services like security, Cabs, drivers, office boys, delivery executives, school staff, or any such related services to corporates, then DEWI will ease your work.



Instant background verification

An integrated platform provides all kinds of background check through the click of your mouse.

DEWI also connects with various databases and through its rigorous analysis it instantly lets you know about past criminal records of a person, if it exists.

It reduces all the paper works involved in a background check and everything goes online.

Digitally connected IDs

DEWI cares about your brand image.

DEWI system generates QR for all the profiles of the people listed, which can be used in their individual ID cards.

QRs can be scanned to check the persons details and if that person is connected with the company or not.

If the person leaves your organisation, the ID gets automatically invalid, so that the person cannot use if on the name of your company.

Instant hiring

Through so many profiles available on DEWI, we promote instant hiring.

DEWI tends to simplify the onboarding process and remove all the tedious work required in documentation.

You can just search the person through any of the government issues ID cards like AADHAAR, PAN, Voter ID etc. and add that person to your company through an OTP, and no further documentation will be required.

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