DEWI For Societies

With the help of latest technology DEWI’s platform, specialize in verification and background checks of blue-collared workers, which is being made easy and simpler day by day. DEWI is connected to various databases which enhances safety of the premises by instant verification. DEWI intends to build and ecosystem where all the societies can be connected and incidents related to security lapses or threat can be communicated easily and effectively. Also, DEWI system keeps a track of the workers with past misconduct, so that it would be known to the current employers in society. DEWI focuses upon complete digitization of residential societies to enhance better communication between RWA and society members as well as between residents, which would enhance safety of society.

Your residential society gets digital

For Residential Associations

  • Safer society premises
  • Better communication with everyone
  • Consolidated information management
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RWA Features

For Residents

  • Safer homes
  • Better communication within society
  • Easy bill payment
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RWA Features

Services and benefits



Manage residents

Know about all the residents residing in the society.

Tenant Verification

Easily verify the tenants through 3 step verification process .

Vendor management

Manage your vendors and get updated about their performance.

Worker verification

Get information about the verification status of workers coming though vendors.

Worker management

Keep a consolidated status of all the workers in your society.

Surveys and polls

Take decisions in a data-centric way through polls and surveys.


Get digital and communicate through platform to make it for effective.

Complaint management

Manage complaints and keep a track of the issues digitally.


Issuing a gate pass for the workers was never that easy.

Accounting and bill payment

Easily accounting and bill generation, and effortless bill payment for residents.


Trace, history of notices, search option in notice.

Targeted groups

You can create groups and communicate with them accordingly.

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