DEWI is an ecosystem where all the societies can be connected and incidents related to security lapses or threat can be communicated easily and effectively. It keeps a track of the workers with past misconduct, so that it would be known to the current employers in society. It focuses upon complete digitization of residential societies to enhance better communication between residential associations and society members as well as between residents, which would enhance safety of the society.

It as various other features which gives digital presence to the society better management.



Manage residents/ tenants

Get all the information of people living in the society.

Keep a consolidated information of all the residents, whether they are house owners or tenants at one place.

It gives you a digital presence where all the information can be accessed from the click of a mouse.

Surveys and polls

DEWI cares about your brand image.

Decision making was never that easy in your society.

You can float polls and surveys to all the society members for decision making. They can vote their opinion through mobile or web.

Complaint management

Easily handle all the complaints by the residents.

Track the status of the complaints.

Check the quality of work delivered.

Gate-pass management

Issue digitally connected gate-pass to the workers in your society.

You can online issue a gate-pass to the maids and servants coming to your society.

Anyone in within the society premises can scan and check about the worker. All the gate-passes are digitally connected to the society, which would restrict entry with fake ID cards.

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