Employee And Children Safety Programmes

Employee and Children's Safety


DEWI inspires safety environment for everyone. DEWI brings different varieties of safety modules for HR to enhance safety of the employees and for school authorities to keep children safer in school premises.

DEWI for employees

If you are a human resource manager, then provide better safety to your employees at homes, office premises and on way.

Home secure

Be apart from rest of the world. Take a step towards home safety of your employees.


If you want your employees to contribute more on work, provide them a peace of mind. Home secure runs on a unique concept and a step next towards providing work life balance. Home secure provides background checks of the workers and staff working at your employee’s homes. It reduces a risk of theft and uncertain incidents, which later affects employees mentally and reduces efficiency. It also waives off a portion of monitory burden from the employee’s shoulders who opt for home insurance.

Home secure can be a part of HR initiative where the organisations are concerned about health of employees and their families.

How it works?

Organisations enroll their employees for Home safety schemes where employee gets a corporate discount over the verification of their domestic helpers. This verification can be reported during home insurance schemes to get benefits over the premium.

Home Secure

Safe trip for corporates

A safer solution towards employee transportation.

Safe Trip for Corporate


  • Driver ID card with the driver details.
  • Driver matched before taking a trip.
  • Employees check-in and check-out.
  • QR for employees to check driver’s details.

DEWI for school safety

Safety of children has been a deep concern for school administration and parents. DEWI provides a robust solution for safety enhancement at schools.

Safe trip for schools

A safer solution for school buses.


  • Driver ID cards with driver details.
  • Verified drivers easily.
  • Proper tracking of vehicles.
  • Seamless integration with tracking app.
  • Detailed record storage outside premises.

Safe Trip for Corporate

Visitor management

Safe Trip for Corporate


  • Keep track of all the people entering the premises.
  • Easy issue of visitor card.
  • Visitor details verification.
  • Easy tracking.
  • Easy record keeping.
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