What checks you need to do before you hire a domestic help>
Posted By: Rohit on 14 Jun 2018

We all are aware of the fact that crime rates these days are on the upswing. Your home needs to be safe at all times. When people say, times...

Be careful about hiring from agencies>
Posted By: Rohit on 13 Jun 2018

Hiring domestic help can be a daunting task and can be extremely risky. With many negative stories about domestic helpers even in the news, you have to be very...

Is your domestic servant one of the fugitives?>
Posted By: Rohit on 12 Jun 2018

With busy schedules these days, hiring domestic servants has become a norm. To avoid untoward incidents, you need to keep a check on who you are hiring and from...

How to safely hire a driver>
Posted By: Rohit on 12 Jun 2018

Being safe is a priority and being safe is of prime importance these days with crimes on an all time high. With traffic and chaos on the roads these...

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