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Digitization Automation


DEWI provides wide range of background services. It integrates technology and process enhancement in the field of background verification. It continuously works upon providing ease to the end customer.

Verification for everyone

An in-depth risk analysis study of residential homes and housing societies indicate a large percentage of petty thefts, murders, rapes and kidnappings occur because home owners and societies hire domestic servants at face value or word of mouth recommendation. Allowing those with past criminal records to gain access to their valuables, earn the trust of their loved ones and then in their absence commit the most heinous of crimes. Reason why, servant verification today has been made mandatory in every state of India by law enforcing establishments including the police.

DEWI provides mobile application for verification of domestic helper, drivers, cleaners, maids, etc. working at your home. It is simple and easy to use and in just few steps you can avoid an operose job.

Digitization and Automation


ID authentication

Don’t fall into trap of fake IDs. Instantly verify the IDs though DEWI.

Reference check

Know more about the person through the references and create traceability.

Residential address check

Get the residential address checked to make sure the person lives.

Employment record check

Check whether the person you hire has shown the correct record.

Academic record check

Validate academic records through all the universities in India.

Police registration

Register your domestic helper or new tenant to a local police station.

Criminal record check

Check over millions of court records to find if the person is having a criminal record.

Police verification

Get a complete police verification of police clearance certificate.

Global database check

Identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk with global standards.

Financial rating

Enquire about the financial rating of the person and reduce your financial risk.

Tenant verification

Get basic records checked required for a newly appointed tenant to reduce your risk.

Contiguous monitoring

Get a contiguous monitoring for a year even after the verification is done.

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