App Based Communication And Payments

Digitization Automation


Technology integration enables growth of the organization. It is time to get rid of all the paper work and get digital. Communicate easily with your stakeholder and handle payment collection and account on the go.


App based communication

DEWI provides app-based communication for societies. Features:

  • Reduced paper work.
  • One to one and group communication.
  • Instant notification for effective communication.

App based communication


Payment solution

DEWI gets you rid of old method of payment collection and accounting. Now forget excel sheets and get everything automated.

Society Bill

Society bills

  • Automated bill generation.
  • Easy accounting.
  • Payment collection is made easy.
  • Automated payment reminders.
  • GST enabled billing for residents.
  • Timely payment.


Schools fees

  • Automated fee collection link for parents.
  • Automated accounting.
  • Easy fee payment for parents through app or link.

School Fees
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