Online Police Verification

Online police verification

Online police verification on DEWI is a three-step process. It is easy and simple to use. You need just need to follow these steps and you are done.

    1. Login: Once you select police verification on verify now, you just need to login using your email ID and phone number.
    2. Upload candidate’s details: : Once you have logged in, just put the details required for an online police verification along with the supporting documents attached. Or simply upload the documents and OCR will autofill it, you just need to verify the fields.
    3. Pay: : Lastly pay the required service fees along with the government challan fees as applicable for the online police verification. That’s it, you are done. Just wait for the report to arrive or you will get the updates of your online police verification through the email ID and phone number provided by you.

About online police verification

Police verification is a type of verification done by the local police about a person at the address provided by the person. This address can be permanent address, present address where the person is residing or can be any of the past addresses where the person has lived before. A police verification tells about all the police records of a person during his/her stay at a particular location which comes under a particular police station. A police verification record is generated by the police station which comes over the address where the person needs to be verified.

Importance of police verification

With the growing crime rate, it has become important to keep each and every step towards safety and betterment of the society. Police verification is one such step, which we often ignore. State police in India, whether it be Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or Noida, everyone is trying to enforce police verification, but a country like India needs a democratic approach, rather than an authoritative one. So you must verify your workers and tenants before you hire them or rent them your property.

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