DEWI for schools

A children safety solution for school ecosystem

DEWI has been designed specially for schools to encourage safe environment for children in schools. DEWI expertise in providing solutions for proper employee and contractor verification as per government norms. It helps in proper tracking of people engaged with the students and following compliances.

"DEWI school", is an initiative to keep our children away from bad elements of the society.

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Our Services

Digitization and automation

Get a digital presence with all new technologies that would ease your work.

Worker management modules

Easily manage your employees information through the platform. Fast and easy access to all the information you need.

Employee and children safety programmes

Safety modules of organisations to improve safety within the premises, as well as on the move.

App based communication and payments

Everything gets to your smartphone. Modules that help you updated on the go, so that you never miss anything.

Society management modules

Society administration can easily manage the society. From society information to account management, everything gets online.

Background verification services

Know about your employees and tenants through the background verification services. With the support of technology it getting easier day by day.

Customer relationship management

Easily manage you clients and their requirements. The system provides all new level of CRM for vendors and agencies.

HR and Payroll management

Managing employee has never been so easy. When everything gets automated, it gets more easier.


Be smart and data driven. The insights provided by analytics will help you to take better decisions.

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